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LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool    LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool

2023 Newest Elite LAUNCH CRP123E OBD2 Scanner - ENG/ABS/SRS/AT Diagnostic Scan Tool with Oil/Throttle Reset/SAS Reset, Battery Test, AutoVIN, 5Touchscreen WiFi Free Update, Car Code Reader? ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Diagnostic Tool +Battery Voltage Test& AUTOVIN? 2023 New Elite Version, Upgraded Of FOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 Elite/ANCEL FX2000/LAUNCH CRP123X/CRP123X/MK808. LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool. LAUNCH CRP123E Add New 3 Reset Functions (Free to Use Lifetime)- Oil Reset/SAS Reset/Throttle Reset(Idle Relearn).

What do LAUNCH TECH do Makes LAUNCH CRP123E a 2023 Elite LAUNCH CRP123E UPGRADED VER. Upgraded Version of NT604 ELITE/LAUNCH CRP123/ FX2000 >>>> No need Wifi connection when work on your cars! We offer FREE TPMS Activation Tool. This Automotive Scanner comes with.

2022.10 Add New 3 reset functions. Oil Reset /SAS Reset /Throttle Reset, maintain your vehicle systems safely and efficiently. Which is free to use for lifetime.

LAUNCH CRP123E Android Based obd2 scanner fixed more bugs and. Upgraded new makes up to 2022 models. 16Gbs Memory, ADD MORE 8 GBS than 2021(Older version is 8Gbs), you can.

Get more vehicle and data. For yourself or your customers. 6100mah Battery, you can use it for a long time without charge.

English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese. It is easy to use and It is convenient to generate diagnosis report. No matter your client's cultural background. ENG/ABS/SRS/AT Systems + 3 Special Function + 10 OBDII Modes function+4 in 1 data graphing +Battery Monitor.

Large 5 Color Touchscreen, A bigger screen size. Makes it easier to read, and a better experience when viewing live data stream. The scan tool adopts a.

That is bright and sharp enough to see in any light condition. Online Maintenance Resources, Operating skills.

DTC Help, Automotive Technology handbook, Repair Case and How-to Videos. 4 in1 graphing parameter for 4 main systems. Auto-VIN for quick and accurate identification. Graphing the instantaneous voltage across the battery terminals.

Print diagnostic report which can read hidden problem make early warning. Google search DTC definition online. Lifetime Free Wi-Fi update extend the tool's service life. One to one diagnostic feedback from Launch Tech.

4 in 1 live data graph. You can zoom in on the details and see the problem clearly.

Detailed Parameter annotation, easy to use. Why more than 50000 DIY users look forward to the new crp123e in 2023? LAUNCH CRP123E Elite code scanner was selected as one of the top three most popular automotive diagnostic maintenance products in 2022.

It has won more than 50 million global users and a good reputation among consumers all over the world. Youtube Influencer Mechanics Highly Recommended Must-Have tool for home mechanics in 2022. In 2023, LAUNCH focuses on product upgrades and refine, aiming to provide high-quality products, up-to-date technology to consumers around the world. The global version of LAUNCH CRP123E can maintain the latest elite status at any time via Wif-i Update. Support more Vehicles&Functions with Constant Updates.

History Data and Report View. History records can access the information of previously tested cars. Quickly manage your customer information, more efficient and professional.

LAUNCH TECH's engineers will help you troubleshoot problems. Customized beta version software can be obtained here. Real Time Battery Voltage Graphing. Check the battery status in real time and.

Eliminate the most easily overlooked battery problems. Read version information of ECU. Data Stream record and playback. Draw 4in1 real-time graphical data streams to help you view the instantaneous changes of the car's engine/gearbox/abs/srs system. The detailed analysis can be enlarged.

Help improve your diagnostic performance and get more orders. Printable to share with your customers. 4 Systems Diagnostic Tool with Deep Inspection for Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Systems. Launch CRP123E obd2 scanner Read and clear check engine light code on most 1996 & update models. Real time data allows you to view vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs in real time while the engine is running.

The instantaneous change of real-time data information can quickly identify the problem of components, which is helpful to analyze the problem. Supports Active test (functional test): O2 Sensor test & EVAP Test. >>>> It is not only engine system, but also covers 10obd2 mode, which can quickly and accurately locate faults and solve them easily. Launch scanner crp123e diagnostic scanner is an automatic transmission service tool that supports reading/erasing codes, viewing live data and turning off the warning light in the transmission system. While other scanners at same prise range doesn't support read DTCs in Transmission systems, The LAUNCH CRP123E obd2 scanner provides the user a detailed view into this critical components operation and function, allowing fast, accurate and complete diagnosis of existing, or potential issues. >>>> The consequence of not paying attention to the gearbox problem is that it needs a lot of maintenance cost. Launch crp123e helps you repair the gearbox in time, saving time and cost.

The diagnostic tool CRP123E is available for accessing and performing diagnostics on Anti-lock Brake Systems respectively Whether it is the brake pad deviation, the brake pad does not return to position, or other reasons of failure. Launch crp123e can easily locate, read the error code, and turn off the car fault light after maintenance.

>>>> For the safety of your family, please pay attention to the health of the brake system. Launch crp123e can help you find problems in time and repair the brake pads in time. This OBD2 scanner supports supplementary restraint system (SRS) diagnosis for most domestic and imported vehicles. By reading the codes and google DTC definition helps to solve the issue.

It helps remind you even if maintenance, solve security risks. >>>> Essential for family owners. Find out the problem of airbag in time and repair it in time.

The service life of airbag can be extended. This obd2 scanner allows you to perform reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil, clear the oil light. This upgrade version crp123e code reader helps clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration, and turn off steering wheel warning light.

Is the procedure that is required to obtain the correct idle speed after replacing electronic throttle body, disconnecting a battery cable, clearing a check engine light, etc. The symptoms are, idle is too low, too high, or erratic. Sometimes the engine stalls when you stop at the traffic light. And you may see the check engine light come on with the idle speed related trouble codes.

So our LAUNCH engineers updated the CRPAPP and added the Mall menu. Warm tips: The reset is valid for one year; Downloading to the local can keep using for unlimited time, but can't be renewed after one year.

About Possible issue: The serial number is not registered. Please try to fix the firmware.

Please check if the serial number exsit in the Setting. Essential Auto tools for DIY users/family/technicians/car owners in 2023 -- Certification from 50,000 Global technicians. Deep Dive into Auto Diagnostics with Live Data Graphing, Record, Playback, Sharing. LAUNCH CRP123E OBD2 scanner can do deep dive into auto diagnostics and also generate the Live Data Stream. Provides very detailed data stream data, it could include the change of Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor1, Throttle valve position, Fuel Tank Pressure, Long&Short Fuel Trim and so on.

Graphical data allows you to analyze the data changes of each module more clearly and easily, and it is easier to see the problems in it. Allow you to record the live data stream and view the data of a certain point in a targeted manner. So that you can view the data more clearly. After you have recorded the data for a period of time, if you want to view and analyze the data just recorded, you need to use data stream playback function to help you. You can view the data at any time you recorded.

Then you can choose " Combine", " Report" and " Record". Will let you share any data status and content you want to display anytime, anywhere. You can send it to your friend or mechanic to help you solve complex problems.

Is it Lifetime Free Update? Connect LAUNCH CRP123E scan tool to the Wifi and one key update, needn't computer, needn't windows systems to update. Why more than a million car owners like it?

Ask for Help by sending the report to your mechanic or friends. Give diagnostics results to your clients as part of their repair documentation. A Reference for vehicle inspection and maintenance. Will scan vehicle 4 System modules and give you a status list for each modules condition.

You no longer have to worry about potential problems in your car. Very convenient and fast, you can share it to your friends or mechanics to analyze the report for you or ask them some questions about it.

Will allow you to print the health report. You can see more clear with it and easy to carry.

Function, Recording Every Details of Diagnosis. Without doubt, this is a smart scan tool you always need! Support 57+ Car Makers and Over 100000 Car Model (Free to Use). Audi;Opel;Peugeot ;Dongfeng Peugeot;Benz ; Maybach;Porsche ;BMW ;brilliance BMW ;Rolls Royce ;mini; Renault ; Dacia;Chrysler ; DODGE;Jeep; Saab;Citroen ;Dongfeng Citroen;Seat;Daewoo;Skoda; Demo;SMART;Eobd2 ;Sprinter;Fiat ; ABARTH ; Alfa Romeo ; Lancia ;Nanjing Fiat;Subaru;GM ;Chevrolet ; Cadillac ; Buick;Suzuki;Honda ; Acura ;Dongfeng Honda ; GAC Honda;Toyota ;Lexus ;Toyota China; Hyundai;Ford ;Lincoln ;Changan Ford;Volvo ;Lynk&Co ;Jaguar;Isuzu;Volkswagen; Bentley ;Bugatti ;Lamborghini; VW;Kia; Land Rover; Mazda ;Mazda China;Mitsubishi ; GAC Mitsubishi;Nissan;Infiniti ; Nissan GTR ;Dongfeng Nissan;Venucia, etc. >> Lifetime Free 10 Languages Supported. AUNCH CRP123E is designed to service global users with different language background and this is reason why it is multilingual. The default language of this device is English. It can now support up to 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Easily change language in Setting menu. WHAT YOU WILL GET IN YOUR BOX? Why more than 100000 DIY users look forward to the new crp123e in 2023? Come with the latest Auto VIN Scan Technology, LAUNCH scanner CRP123E can quickly automatic identify vehicle information, like brand, year, make, model and etc. It is convenient for you to check whether your car has been recalled, repaired, and other times. After you get the VIN code, you can find the assembly drawing of auto parts on the website. NOTE: AutoVIN feature does NOT work on ALL vehicles. You always can navigate your vehicle manually to perform diagnostics/services. DTC LOOKUP LIBRARY & CODE SEARCH.

After you get the diagnosis results, quickly get the maintenance information through the built-in Google DTC system(need Wifi) & Built-in DTC Lookup Library (W/o Wifi)as your needs and preference. Professional, efficient connection of Internet mass information, easy to improve hands-on ability. The LAUNCH CRP123E OBD2 SCANNER offers the add-on features of real-time vehicle battery voltage monitoring.

It solves the incompatibility problem and complex procedures of using computer update. Lifetime free updates through Wi-Fi for more vehicle coverage and bug fixes.

Diagnostic Feedback to Optimize the Scanner. This scan tool launch crp123e allows you to feedback on your diagnostic problems to LAUNCH for analysis and troubleshooting. You can submit the detailed failure description or view all the diagnostic feedback records.

We'll continuously optimize the performance of our products. LAUNCH scanner CRP123E is compatible with most OBD2 compliant vehicles after 1996.

As a 4 systems diagnostic tool, CRP123E supports 57+ car makers and over 100000 models, including popular cars from Europe, Asia and US. It is worth mentioning that you will keep getting new models through the online update. This function is super helpful, especially for local dealers to win more businesses.

Therwise a unpaid item case will be opened to you. We are authorize distributor of Launch and other brands, all items are 100% original. All items can be exchanged within 90 days if the item with functional error.

For more than 10 years. We are one of the biggest distributor of Launch&Thinkcar diagnostic tools.

We have office and warehouse in US, UK, German, Australia, French and Russia. (9:00-18:00) from Monday to Friday. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Automotive Tools & Supplies\Diagnostic Service Tools\Code Readers & Scanners". The seller is "top_obd" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Wallis and Futuna, Gambia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Oman, Suriname, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Argentina, Guinea-Bissau, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Senegal, Togo, Qatar, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Thailand, Aruba, Israel, Kuwait, Benin, Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Swaziland, Tanzania, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Panama, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Djibouti, Chile, China, Mali, Botswana, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Cayman Islands, Paraguay, Saint Helena, Seychelles, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Australia, Sri Lanka, Gabon Republic, Zimbabwe, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Kiribati, Turkmenistan, Grenada, Haiti, Greenland, Yemen, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Nepal, Bahamas, Bahrain, Angola, Western Samoa, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Guatemala, Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone, Nauru, Anguilla, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Guyana, Azerbaijan Republic, Macau, Georgia, Tonga, Eritrea, Saint Kitts-Nevis, Morocco, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mauritania, Belize, Philippines, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Colombia, Bermuda, Montserrat, Zambia, South Korea, Vanuatu, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Niger, Laos, Ghana, Cape Verde Islands, Madagascar, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Lebanon, Liberia, Bolivia, Maldives, Hong Kong, Central African Republic, Lesotho, Nigeria, Mauritius, Saint Lucia, Jordan, Guinea, Canada, Turks and Caicos Islands, Chad, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Malawi, Nicaragua, Tunisia, Uganda, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Jamaica, South Africa, Brunei Darussalam, Honduras.

  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Screen: 5\
  • Size: 228mmx125mmx34.5mm
  • Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle
  • Color: Black + Red
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CRP123E
  • Supported Car Brands: For GM,For Ford,For Chrysler,For VW For BENZ,For BMW,etc.
  • Update: Lifetime Free WIFI Updates
  • Similar Model 2: AL419,AL519 AL539 AL619 ML529,AD310,AD410,MT100
  • Similar Model 3: LAUNCH CR5001,LAUNCH CR4001,LAUNCH CR6001
  • Similar Model 1: Launch CRP123 CRP129E CRP429C Creader VIII
  • Brand: LAUNCH
  • Supported System: ENG, AT, ABS, SRS
  • Accessories: Adapter Cable, Carrying Case, USB Cable, User Guide
  • Type: Code Reader Diagnostic Scanner
  • Battery: 6100mAh Lithium Battery
  • Advantage 2: One-Click Update\\dentify VIN,Diagnosis report sharing
  • Model: CRP123E
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • Advantage 1: Support Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS +OBD2 Diagnosis
  • OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII
  • Features: Backlit Display, Built-In Battery, Check Engine Light Shut Off, Color Display, Erases Codes, Freeze Frame Displays, Internet Updateable, LCD Display, Multi-Language Interface, User Friendly
  • Advantage 3: Optional mall:Optional RESET/EUC CODING/Actuation Test.

    LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool    LAUNCH CRP123E Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Check Engine SRS ABS Diagnostic Tool